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If you want to submerge in the atmosphere you can take a walk on the steep streets. Every house in Kovachevitsa has its own spirit and in many cases even own name. The houses lend the names of their owners. You can visit the St. Nicola chirch, the cell school or just take a walk around the village.

Those who like the active time off, the walk to the St. George monastery, around one hour, or to the Blue pool, around 2 hours, will give them the chance to get to know nature and the captivation of the area. They can pick forest fruits, herbs and mushrooms or to submerge in the voices of the forest and the river.

The more distant transitions can be made by car as well
To Beslet farm 17 kilometers
To Goats rock 17 kilometers and a passage of around 40 minutes
To Ognianovo, where you can find a mineral pools 19 kilometers
To village of Gurmen, where you can find the century old platan 16 kilometers
To the town of Gotce Delchev 21 kilometers
To Drama or Kavala through the Ilinden point of entry